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I Grew Boobs in China by Savannah Grace: A True Story! One family, 4 years, 80 countries! 14-year-old Savannah Grace’s perfect world is shattered when her mother unexpectedly announces that the family would leave everything they know behind to travel the world. Best selling, award winning “I Grew My Boobs in China” is Volume 1 in the Sihpromatum series.

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Why She Couldn’t Sell Her Matches by Yoshihisa Hirano: This is the sequel to “The Little Match Girl”, and the business case study. This is not a tragic story like the original, but rather a success story of the little match girl who matures through learning marketing. Enjoy this study while learning a few of the marketing basics yourself!

This Non-Fiction eBook is FREE on January 13, 2015.

Divine Reminders by Scott Curran is a collection of three books (Living in Spiritual Consciousness, Awareness of God’s Presence, Total Gratitude). This wonderful bundle of spiritual wisdom awakens us to the sublime mystery of each moment. Learn to be at peace with whatever happens or doesn’t happen!

This eBook of Religion is FREE on January 13, 2015.

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Enchanting Kindle Book Entertains and Informs!

Seriously Mum, What’s an Alpaca? by Alan Parks: Would you risk everything for a new life? Would you give up and go home if it all went wrong? This story is about a daring couple who move to Spain in order to breed alpacas. 

This eBook is FREE on January 7, 2015.

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The Everyday Tourist by Jennifer Warren

The Everyday Tourist by Jennifer Warren is a travel series that showcases fun things to see and do in the United States through interesting articles and beautiful photography. The first volume focuses on the southeast region and covers a variety of interests.

This eBook is FREE on January 5, 2015.

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Float Your Boat With These Travel and Cleaning Freebies!

Cruising Panama’s Canal by Al Lockwood and Sunny Lockwood: A car wreck threatens to ruin Al and Sunny Lockwood’s summer, but instead it leads to the trip of a life time – a long dreamt-of cruise through the Panama Canal. This travel memoir allows readers to experience the sights, sounds and thrills of cruise travel, told with wit and charm.

DIY Natural Green Cleaning by BJ Knights: Stop polluting your own environment with harmful cleaning products and switch to green cleaning techniques today!

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Free Travel eBooks for Kindle

VOODOO, SLAVES AND WHITE MAN’S GRAVES by Tom Coote: Author Tom Coote journeys along the lush but disease-ridden Slave Coast of West Africa, then up through the Saharan trade routes into the environmentally devastated dust lands of the Sahel. Traveling through Benin, Togo, Ghana, Burkina Faso and Mali, some of the poorest and least developed countries in the world, we find ourselves amidst a battleground of ‘end of days’ ideologies.

HIS FIRST, HER LAST by Jonathan Sturak is the true story of the coming together of American and Philippine culture when a couple travels to the Philippines before their marriage. 

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Cruising Panama’s Canal: Free Kindle Travel Memoir

Editor’s Note: CRUISING PANAMA’S CANAL is a fun, friendly, information-packed read on what ocean cruising is really like.

Their writing is inviting, funny, contagious and just flat out a joy to read.

Book Description: A car wreck threatens to ruin Al and Sunny Lockwood’s summer, but instead it leads to the trip of a life time…a long dreamed-of cruise through the Panama Canal. Their 17 day journey is packed with surprises and unforgettable discoveries — from the giant butterflies at a Costa Rican coffee plantation to a museum of torture in Cartagena, Colombia, to swimming in the Bahamas’ welcoming waters, and the dramatic day-long trip through Panama’s amazing Canal. Health-conscious Sunny supplies the facts. Al adds delicious humor. The perfect recipe for cruise travel fun.

Author’s Inspiration: We did a lot of research on the Panama Canal before we left on our cruise, and its story was so compelling we decided to write about our cruise through it. Then the cruise itself turned out to so full of fun and unexpected stuff, that we ended up writing about the entire cruise. 

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Al Lockwood is a retired Silicon Valley engineer, former ordained minister, and devoted film photographer. His photographs of mid-Sierra wildflowers have been published in magazines and newspapers. Sunny has made her living as a non-fiction writer for newspapers and magazines. Her stories and article have received national, state and regional awards. Together, Sunny and Al, love to explore their neighborhood, their country and the world. Before going to sleep each night, they spend about 30 minutes reading. One reads outloud to the other, so that they both experience the same book at the same time. Between 2000 and 2014, they read 63 books this way. They say they love books, movies, music, nature, photography, art, delicious food, travel…. and each other. They share their loves, and their humor, in this, their first travel memoir.

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FREE Inspirational Travel Novel on Your Kindle

Editor’s Note: LOVE AND THE GODDESS is a woman’s voyage of self -discovery.

“Funny, informative heart-warming and wildly entertaining. This book rocks!”

Book Description: After Kate’s husband of 20 years declares he wants a divorce, she is faced with the overwhelming feeling of “what to do now?” Turning that feeling of aimless chaotic sadness into one of endless possibility, she embarks on an adventure to South America with her two best friends, seeking healing. What she finds shapes her future and changes her life. 

Author Inspiration: I love the triple goddess myth from Greek mythology and how it relates to everywoman’s life. This story along with trips I made to South America was the catalyst for writing an inspirational novel which is an eclectic mix of food, travel, information and humor.

If you enjoyed Eat, Pray, Love, you’ll truly love this book!

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Living in Ireland, Mary Elizabeth Coen is a former Home Economics teacher and lifestyle journalist.
Though she always dreamed of being a writer, Mary Elizabeth took a rather circuitous route getting there. You could say she has had several incarnations in this lifetime from teacher to fashion editor of a magazine, along with being mother to three wonderful children.

Unfortunately the five inch stilettos had to go when Mary’s health deteriorated and she received a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Work too, had to take a back seat as Mary sought to maintain optimum health and became interested in holistic medicine and personal development. In the process, she developed a passion for mythology, philosophy and the study of ancient spiritual traditions.


The Inferno Experience : Tuscany : Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: This is a guide through Hell and Heaven in Tuscany: experience Inferno!

Dante’s hell. In Tuscany.

Book Description:
This is second book of three of The Inferno Experience. After Florence, we now follow Dante’s trail in Tuscany. The journey begins in Siena and then goes towards Tuscany’s deep south, which during Dante’s time was mostly one big swamp and where nature is still wild. You will experience Tuscany as Dante did! 

Fans of Dan Brown will like this book.

Author’s Inspiration: Sara Bruni grew up in Siena, Italy, and returns there every year. She has been inspired by the world of Dante from childhood, no wonder she decided to study medieval history.

From the Book: Outside the Duomo you will find the sign of the devil. On the Camposanto side of the Duomo, there’s a stone with all kinds of tiny holes in it. The story goes that that these holes were made in the stone by the devil’s nails, who was trying to singlehandedly stop the construction of the cathedral.

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This book is free 5/30-5/31.

Sara Bruni



Sara Bruni (1980) was born in Siena, where as a child she used to explore every last tiny alleyway. She studied medieval history at the University of Siena, because she was fascinated by Dante and his stories. After losing her heart to an American literary scholar, who shared her fascination for Dante, she moved to the United States.

She loves Italian food, coffee and wine, next to good history and mystery novels. Although she lives in the US, she visits Italy 3-4 times a year. 


 Connect with Sara:

31 Places To See In Rome : Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: Planning a trip to Rome? Thinking about it? Well make that trip truly memorable by getting this informative and comprehensive guide to this amazing city. We can smell the espresso from here! 

I highly recommend this book as a travel guide. It’s a must have when you’re going to or planning to go to Rome.

Book Description: Rome is beautiful, rich in culture, art and history, colorful and full of life. Some even call it the most desirable and liveable of the world’s capitals. “The Eternal City” offers you famous historical monuments and ruins, ornate and majestic churches and priceless artwork. Life in Rome rightfully is called La Dolce Vita.

There are so may things to see in Rome a lifetime certainly isn’t enough. However, for a start, we have provided a list of 31 of the most important places to see to get you started.

Author’s Inspiration: The city of Rome itself and her experience from living there. 

From the Book: Indeed, the foundation laid by the ancient Romans was so ingenious that most of that original and very logical infrastructure remains in use today, the old roads simply repaved and modernized. Rome functions amazingly well as a city and its center is quite safe, (although one always needs to take the necessary precautions of avoiding pickpockets and shady areas as one would in any city). 

Rome is convenient, with excellent transportation (don’t be afraid to take the Metro!). And if you find on your visit you need a direction do not hesitate to ask for assistance. Warm, charming, ever helpful Romans will be quick to lend you a hand and a smile. And if you don’t speak Italian don’t fret – Italians are master communicators.

A city fill of life, exceptional beauty, exciting energy and internal and external sunshine, Rome is one of the best places I have lived. I always miss it. You will love it.


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This book is free 5/8-5/10.

Annalisa Fironzo


Annalisa loves all things Rome! Take advantage of her life experiences of this wonderful city when you read her book while on vacation to Rome. She enjoys Italian food and shopping. 



Three Free Non-fiction eBooks for Kindle

Editor’s note: We founf three non-fiction books that you’re sure to love. If you like awesome travelouges, great guides for DIY gifts, or have always wanted to learn how to knit- we’ve got books here for you.

One Life to Ride‘, ‘D.I.Y Gifts‘, and ‘Beginners Guide to Knitting‘ are free on 3/10.

Memoirs Of A Gas Station : A Delightfully Awkward Journey Across the Alaskan Tundra – Free Kindle eBook

An amazing, and hilarious, Alaskan adventure!

Sam Neumann arrived in Alaska excited and ready for adventure. Less than 24 hours later, he was the newest employee at a dingy gas station. Confused? So was Sam.

Unsure as to how things had gone so wrong so quickly, Sam did his best to make the most of his odd situation. In Memoirs of a Gas Station, Sam takes readers through his bizarre summer in Denali, Alaska.

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This book is free 10/1 – 10/2.

Sam Neumann

My name is Sam, and I’m a writer, photographer, video producer, and all-around good guy. Memoirs of a Gas Station, my first book, is available on Amazon.com. It’s a quirky account of seasonal work in central Alaska, and is filled with tales of love, loss, music, booze, hitchhiking, foreigners, large animal encounters, old people, and other general hijinks. You’ll enjoy it

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That Bear Ate My Pants – Free Kindle Book

Hilarious, inspiring and totally satisfying

Tony James Slater is volunteering at an animal rescue center in Ecuador, and he is determined to stick it out, no matter what comes his way.

In his hysterical memoir, Tony takes readers through his time in South America. His bizarre interactions with a host of wild (and hungry) animals will you keep you laughing until the very end. 

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This book is free 7/17-7/19.

Tony James Slater

Tony James Slater is an eccentric thrill-seeker who is also a terrible cook. His life is basically a series of strange, funny and mostly accidental adventures, and he’s got the scars to prove it. 

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Travel Unscripted – Free Kindle Book

A love letter to travel and a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Acclaimed travel writer Mark Murphy presents Travel Unscripted, an entertaining behind-the-scenes look at his travels both on and off-camera. It’s multimedia compilation complete with videos detailing some of Mark’s most memorable and outrageous adventures around the world.

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This book is free 6/12-6/13.

Mark Murphy

Mark Murphy is a charismatic and slightly neurotic travel writer who has explored more than 70 countries around the world.

As founder and CEO of Travalliancemedia, this travel industry expert of 20 years is regularly called upon to provide his expertise on a variety of topics, from cruise ship mishaps to where adventure-seekers can get the ultimate buzz.

A family man, Mark enjoys spending time with his wife Karen, their two children and the two dogs.

Connect with Mark:


Two Tantalizing Travel Books – Free Kindle Books

Vacate or Stay-cate with these two travel books! 

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‘How to Find the Heart of Bali’ is only free 5/24, but ‘Staycation Destinations’ is free 5/24-5/27!

Three Free Travel Nook Books

Summer is here and I can’t stop dreaming about traveling. Here are three free travel books for Nook to get you in an adventuring mood! (click on the book cover to get the FREE book):

In case you’re dreaming of seeing the world with your mom:

Nanna’s Travel Tips (Free Kindle Book)

A perfectly formed travel companion.

Nana knows best. Her lifetime of traveling means there is no one better equipped to help prepare you for adventures both near and far.

Quirky, insightful, and by no means comprehensive, here is Nana’s essential advice for safe and life-affirming world travel.

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Dave Cornford

Dave Cornford is an author, playwright, videographer and cook. His play ‘Turramurra Passion’ has been performed more than 80 times throughout Australia, Europe and the United States.

Dave, his wife and their three kids live in Sydney, Australia. 



 Connect with Dave: