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Sweet, fast-paced and has an ending that will blow your mind.

Always the good-girl, TARA is a typical high-school cheerleader dating a nice-guy football player. She’s typical, that is, except for the fact she’s a Banshee who gets premonitions of other people’s deaths. When Tara sees her boyfriend LIAM’s death in an upcoming game, Tara vows to do anything she can to save him…even if it means cheating on him with his bad-boy twin brother, KEAGAN. Can she change Liam’s fate? And if she does, will her own change with it?

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PR Mason


P.R. Mason is an award-winning author of young adult paranormal romance and urban fantasy including Entanglements, Fated Hearts, and The Banshee and the Linebacker. She also writes steamy contemporary romance under the pen name Patricia Mason. Pat escaped from the snowy Midwest winters of her youth by moving in 2001 to the strange and wonderful city of Savannah, Georgia. She spends her days writing and as the subject of her cat overlord’s mind control experimentation.


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