Love in the Wrong Dimension – Free Kindle Book

A good love story with a twist!

Can new love be born after life ends? 

When fun-loving 20-something Jemma dies in an accident, she sets out to find her best friend Alice, and uphold the pact they made in life.

Along the way she meets Tom, a handsome and mysterious ghost who informs Jemma that they exist in a dimension for people who died before their time. 

As Jemma struggles to find a way out, she must make a decision. If she leaves, will she lose Tom forever? And if she stays, can she reconcile her love once she knows the truth about his past? 

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Anette Darbyshire

I’m a married mum of three, living in Kent, England. Like many people, I’ve always wanted to write a novel, but I never did anything about it.  But then, one day, I had an idea that grew and grew until I just had to write it all down.  The result is Love In The Wrong Dimension, my first novel. Apart from ghosts, Abba, goth/metal music, quantum physics and jewellery making, some of my other interests include cats, space, dance, wine and chocolate.

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