A Bitter Veil (Free Kindle Book)

An illuminating and poignant read

After falling in love in college, newlyweds Anna and Nouri moved to Iran, where Nouri is from. They begin to settle into their new life together just as the Iranian Revolution begins, and the world is turned upside down. 

Life becomes increasingly difficult for Anna under the new regime, and every day new restrictions are placed on the country’s women. 

As the violence and and danger continue to mount, Anna begins to understand that there is no one she can trust, not even Nouri. 

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Libby Fischer Hellman

Libby Fischer Hellmann is the acclaimed author of 10 novels and 20 published short stories. After living and working for the news industry in D.C., Libby moved to Chicago, where she founded her own communications company. In addition to writing, Libby conducts speaker training programs for communications professionals.

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