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A really interesting concept that kept me intrigued throughout!

** WARNING: Contains adult language and themes. **

The crew of the USS Whisper just want to go home. But home is now 200 years in the future, and they’ve got a host of obstacles -both old and new- standing in their way.

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Thomas Wilson

Since publishing my first two novels I have discovered that I enjoy writing books much more than I love reading them. I probably should have been an Engineer but life got in the way. I love that all of my crazy ideas that I come up with can be brought to life through the books that I write.

I Love to write books and read others books. I am a God fearing, family man with a 8 – 5 day job. I enjoy riding my motorcycle, and building models, along with spending as much time as possible raising my children with my wonderful wife.

I have written and E-Published two novels so far.

“Whisper” in January of 2011.

“No Rules Of Engagement” in September 2011.

Look for “Leviathan Deterrent” Summer of 2012.

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