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A great adventure- thrilling and suspenseful read!

Deep in the Amazon jungle, a mysterious virus threatens all of humanity. When an ex-Army Ranger and a beautiful anthropologist team-up to find a cure, science and faith collide in an epic struggle for survival.
Anthropologist Alex Forsythe spent three years studying a remote tribe in the Amazon jungle when they mysteriously vanished without a trace. Months later, a teenage girl from the tribe turns up babbling about a horrifying place her people had been taken. The girl’s body is ravaged by a strange malady, and blood tests reveal an unknown, lethal pathogen. Alex realizes she must find the source of the outbreak if there is to be any hope of a cure.

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John Bolin

JOHN BOLIN is a film producer, playwright and author. His books include Life Unlimited and The Two Doors of Heaven. His production company, Bridgehouse Pictures, has numerous projects in various stages of development. John, his wife, Sarah, and their five children live near the mountains in Colorado.

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