When Farts Had Colors – Free Kindle Book

Funny and educational at the same time!

Fourth-grader Lance Chance has never liked Mondays. Now he hates them.

This particular Monday, Lance had the misfortune of crossing paths with Merry Maddox, the meanest bully in the whole fourth grade. 

Merry stole his lunch and embarrassed him in front of his friends. But then she did something foul. Really foul. Merry blamed Lance for a fart so awful the whole school had to leave. 

If only there was some way to prove that it wasn’t him! 

Then Lance discovers that farts have magically become colored, and everyone can see them. Can this newfound knowledge help set things straight?

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Mark Thomas

Author Mark Lawton Thomas spent years writing for ad agencies, publications and public radio. His work took him from his native Georgia to New York and back. 

Mark has since returned to Georgia and has settled in Atlanta. He now works as a middle school language arts teacher, and spends his free time writing and napping.

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