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A coming-of-age novel full of grit, grace, and humor. The writing sparkles on the page!

Middle school is never easy, but for seventh-grader Apron Bramhall, life has become singularly difficult. Apron’s mother just died, and her best friend seems to have abandoned Apron for a more popular circle. 

When her father announces he’s marrying his awful girlfriend, Apron finds solace in a friendship with Mike and Chad, a local gay couple who give her a part-time job at their flower shop.

But as the adults in Apron’s life continue to disappoint her, Apron realizes it’s time to charge of her own life. Can she steer it into a new and better direction?

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Jennifer Gooch Hummer

Girl Unmoored is the first novel from acclaimed author Jennifer Gooch Hummer. Before turning to writing, Jennifer earned a BA in English and worked in the film industry. Jennifer, her husband and their gorgeous daughters are bicoastal, spending time in both California and Maine.

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