The Annihilation of Foreverland – Free Kindle Book

Reminds me of Neverland, Pleasure Island, and The Matrix- but has a flavor all it’s own!

When children who wake up on an unfamiliar island, their confusion and fear is quashed once they’re taken to Foreverland.  

In that dreamworld, their every wish comes true. Life there is perfect – so why would anyone want to escape?

When Danny arrives in Foreverland, he befriends a girl who’s also dissatisfied with their seemingly idyllic new home. Together they work to discover the mysteries behind Foreverland, and soon find that they’re a long way from paradise.

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Tony Bertauski

Tony Bertauski lives in Charleston, SC with his wife, Heather, and two kids, Ben and Maddi. He’s a college teacher and a columnist for the Post and Courier. He’s published two textbooks that can be found at most book retailers. He was also a 2008 winner of the South Carolina Fiction Contest for his short story entitled, 4-Letter Words.