City of the Falling Sky: Free Kindle eBook

I found myself turning to Seckry everytime I could not sleep or had a spare moment.

Life in Skyfall City is so full of excitement and possibilities that Seckry Severstars has almost let go of his anger towards the Endrin Corporation, the company that forced him to move there in the first place. Almost.

It all comes rushing back to him when an anonymous email offers Seckry a fantastic reward to steal some worms from Endrin. Eager to take revenge on the greedy company, Seckry agrees.

But when Seckry breaks into Endrin, he discovers something for more sinister than a bunch of worms. 

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Joseph Evans

As a child in Cardiff, South Wales, Joseph Evans loved drawing and playing video games. After discovering science fiction and fantasy novels, Joseph quickly became an avid reader (and huge Harry Potter fan.)

In addition to writing, Joseph works at a bookstore in Cardiff. He continues to love drawing, playing video games and reading science fiction.

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