The Wrecking Crew – Free Kindle eBook

A great action/adventure story that’s hard to put down!

Ship captain Phil Hamnet and his wife, Anna, were enjoying one last vacation together before their twins were born. 

But their happiness is obliterated when druglord Janac and his outlaw crew seize control of the Hamnets’ ship. Phil manages to escape, but Anna is taken hostage by the merciless pirates.  

As he races to save his wife and unborn children, Phil has a horrible realization. Fighting to rescue Anna will mean death for dozens of sailors caught in his crossfire. Will Phil sacrifice the lives of innocent men in exchange for the life of his love?

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Mark Chisnell

Mark Chisnell is the bestselling author of three thrillers and several non-fiction books. A former professional athlete and journalist, Mark’s writings have appeared in popular publications around the world. 

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