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Editor’s Note: Well, this is a vampire story- but it’s not like any others out there!

It pulled me in so quick that before I knew it, I’d read the whole book.

Book Description:
Sarah is suddenly confronted with a vampire, realizing her grandfather had been right. She inherits the job of Vampire Warden, with her grandfather’s journal for guidance.

Readers who like Vampire Diaries, Twilight, J.R. Ward, or Anne Rice will like this book.

Author’s Inspiration: I grew up in Indiana, but I didn’t truly appreciate that state until I had to move away from it. I’m a big fan of vampire stories, especially those that include romance.

From the Book: “Closer now, I could see the details that I’d missed before. His body seemed to be a solid mass of muscle, garbed in black jeans and a black V-neck t-shirt that emphasized the size of his biceps. The human-looking frame and face might have brought my disbelief back in a tidal wave if it weren’t for the eyes. The contrast between his dark slanting eyebrows and the ice blue gaze that slid over me appreciatively was inhuman. The sardonic half smirk of his hard-looking mouth revealed that the nature of the creature before me was far from friendly.”

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S. J. Wright


 S.J. Wright has held many jobs, with her favorite being mother of two sons. She lives with her husband, boys, and old Jack Russell Terrier in Texas. 

MY FAVORITE SHOW: Has to be Vampire Diaries! I’m crazy about Damon!



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