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Editor’s Note: This legal thriller is not going to be an easy one to put down, once you pick it up! Find out if a convicted killer was wrongly accused…

The suspense in this book absolutely hooked me!

Book Description: Dani Trumball is a working mom with a long commute, a son with special needs, and a rewarding job writing appeals briefs for The Help Innocent Prisoners Project. But a letter from a convicted child-killer on death row turns her life upside down. George Calhoun claims he’s been wrongly accused. The story he tells Dani, if it’s true, will stretch her understanding of a parent’s love. Can she track down the truth before it’s too late for George?

Readers who like Scott Turow, John Grisham and Michael Connolly will like UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES.

Author’s Inspiration:  “Write what you know,” is the time-tested adage. As a lawyer and a working mother, I created a protagonist whose both committed to her family and to her job, and feels the pressure of balancing both. Because of my interest in the wrongly convicted, I made my protagonist an attorney working for the Help Innocent Prisoner’s Project.

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: Julia Roberts.

From the Book:  I didn’t kill my little girl. The body in the woods—that wasn’t my daughter. The words on the page kept ringing in Dani Trumball’s ears. I loved my little girl and only wanted to help her.
Most of the letters on her desk Dani went through quickly, spotting the scams easily enough and tossing them aside for a quick response from her secretary. “Dear (fill in the blank): We regret that the Help Innocent Prisoners Project is unable to assist you at this time.”  Others rang true and might warrant some added sentences. “While we appreciate your circumstances, the many requests for our limited services mean we can only accept a few cases.  We wish you the best of luck in finding someone else to help you.” Only a few, a very few, were taken on.

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