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Editor’s Note: We love the Deadwood Series by Ann Charles. This book is a mix of mystery, paranormal, and romance, so there’s something for everyone.

Fun and suspense in a delightful mix!

Book Description: What does a headless corpse, a ghost whisperer, a sexy medium, a shady coworker, and a pissed-off detective all have in common?

Violet Parker and Deadwood. In this third installment of the Deadwood Mystery series, Violet is determined to discover what’s in the crates the crooks are sneaking out of the local mortuary in the dark of night. The question is, will she end up in one of them herself … in pieces?

Readers who love Janet Evanovich – Stephanie Plum Series, H.P. Mallory, Gemma Halliday, Terri Reid, and Stephanie Bond will like DEAD CASE IN DEADWOOD.

Author’s Inspiration: I had a blast writing this third book in the series, especially after experiencing one of Deadwood’s haunted hotels first-hand while participating in the South Dakota Festival of Books. Did I see a ghost while staying in the hotel? No, but the bathroom door kept swinging open in the night. That alone was enough to make me sleep with the covers over my head. Unlike Violet in this series, I’m a big chicken when it comes to ghost-filled rumors.


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Ann Charles


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