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Editor’s Note: This is a fast paced supernatural tale that will keep you up into the dead of the night! 

Looking for a fresh and exciting new take on vampires, this is it!

Book Description: Death, like love, has many subtle and varied levels. Having your soul ripped out and turning to dust, well, that just reveals another layer to life — and the afterlife. 

Author’s Inspiration: After finishing my YA novel ‘Fear Club: Tokyo Masquerade’, I thought, ‘of course dust is not the end, so what’s next if not the afterlife?’ And that’s when I though of Dust To Dust, where Tamsin, the heroine, can jump from body to body and live again, but the body must have no human soul. 

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: Emma Stone would make an awesome and spunky Tamsin.

From the Book: They were dragged under the ice. The water so cold it burned like fire. Water filled her lungs and she finally lost her hold on him – as she knew she would. This had been a delaying tactic only, keeping him busy saving himself instead of his Faerie bargain. Breaking away from her, Knightly kicked desperately up towards the surface. Angelique’s weakness was water. The liquid swiftly leached all power from her, leaving her helpless. 

Death, as Tamsin had observed, has many subtle and varied layers. But dying is never easy. No matter how many times you’ve done it. Tamsin fought blindly at the end, the panic overwhelming her. Desperate to die and desperate to breathe in equal measures. She called out Drake’s name in her mind. 

As she sank into the freezing black depths of Lake Michigan, she almost thought she heard him call back.

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Eden Crowne


Eden Crowne is an international journalist in my other life. This San Franciscan’s business is her brain. She is looking for good article ideas, following them up, taking the photos, submitting proposals. Eden has lived overseas most of my life and is familiar with being an outsider, that helps her in her stories and creating characters. hat is your favorite food, place to write, music to listen to, TV show?: I am a slave to cafe culture. I go to a coffee house every morning for my espresso/croissant fix and work there steadily for several hours. It has to be the right coffee house, though. Every place has a buzz, a vibe of energy good or bad..