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Editor’s Note: History running forwards and backwards? NEXT HISTORY explores this idea and it’s simply riveting! 

Next History took me on a wild ride to the future, any future I could imagine!

Book Description: Tharcia is in search of her mother for an epic showdown – only she is dead. She uses magic and technology to seek her mother out only to ensare an enchanting oracle, that will reprogram the world as she knows it. What will Tharcia glean from the oracle? Will she change the fate of humanity or her own? 

Those who enjoyed Amped, Wired, Ringworld and Angels and Demons will enjoy NEXT HISTORY.  

Author’s Inspiration:  What got me started was a review of creation mythologies from a dozen world cultures. I wondered, what if we’ve had these all wrong, what if there were revealed an absolutely *true* version? I saw flaws in the tale of mythical Lilith, and in developing her story, found certain knowledge that could reveal our next history.

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character:  Jennifer Lawrence 

From the Book: At first it seems like another Homeland Security mass-fear distraction to deflect attention from the latest wretched unemployment numbers, a short news crawl on the major TV networks: Pentagon in Total Security Lockdown. White-hot on the former 5-color DHS threat scale, meaning we are beyond at-risk and currently under attack, so tune to local AM station, place head between knees and fondly kiss your ass bye-bye. This is replaced minutes later by another crawl, a baffle-worded retraction. Threat Levels Normal. Most viewers chuckle sardonically and let it go. The tweet-blizzard fades, traffic choked off by big-iron military counter-intelligence denials, and that seems to be that.

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Lee Baldwin


I am a novelist in Santa Cruz, California. I have waited 25 years to be able to say that, through a half-dozen careers including my own creative copywriting agency in Vancouver (Canada) and Hawaii, operating an advertising business in Honolulu, and 17 years as a human interface designer in Silicon Valley. It was worth it.

My characters often have a quirky edge, because I see human foibles as the launch points of dramatic conflict. That and my musical ear help me shape dialog and narrative into rhythms of dramatic reveal, turning points, and cadences.

Escape fiction generally satisfies the reader’s hunger for vicarious experiences. You know, the cool stuff. Such as glamorous adventure, epic situations, sex and romance, and overcoming great obstacles. I get fiendish pleasure whenever I can spice these situations with wry humor.

I think about plot and character during long walks on the Rio Del Mar beach. I write at home. I fly gliders and drive race cars, which gives my adventure scenes realism. I listen to (and play) jazz keyboards. I goof off.

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