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Editor’s Note: Take a journey full of ups and downs with this couple in this sweet romance. It will leave your heart warmed and your cheeks pink! 

I enjoyed the way the author flushed out the characters and brought them to life.

Book Description: Single mother Cara Green unexpectedly finds a new love interest in billionaire Victor Barboza. Victor’s spoiled ex-fiance Alexis tries to break up the couple with unexpected results. FRESH TEMPTATION a modern-day Cinderella story! 

Readers who enjoyed The Marriage Bargain will like FRESH TEMPTATION. 

Author’s Inspiration: Mills & Boon style romances inspired this series. 

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: William Levy

From the Book: Cara let out a frustrated growl. “Fairy tales do not come true. You’ve been watching too many movies. Or reading too many of those cheesy romance novels about regular girls getting swept away by the dashing billionaire.” She sighed as she walked upstairs, her voice trailing off. “What a load of crap.”


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Reeni Austin


Reeni Austin lives to tell stories. She considers it her job as a writer to surprise readers, no matter the genre. The greatest compliment she could receive about her stories are, “I didn’t see that coming.”

Favorite food: brownies.

Favorite place to write: busy malls, where the chatter fades into the background but the people still provide inspiration.

Favorite TV shows: Mad Men, American Horror Story, Nashville, and Modern Family.

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