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Editor’s Note: Trying to move on after that messy break up? Here’s a little free help to get you moving on up!  

This book is a brilliant step by step guide that is guaranteed to help you move on from your ex.

GOODBYE MR. EX is the book that will be the catalyst for you to move on with your life. This book is a practical, from experience, guide to doing what you need to do to release the past and move on, properly! It’s packed full of great exercises that help you to apply everything you learn in each chapter. The key to a healthy relationship is to not have the past bring you down. This book will help you divest your past so that you can find the right partner! 

If you’re struggling to let go, get this book and struggle no more! 

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This book is free 5/22.

Marina Pearson


Marina is a heartbreak coach, an author, speaker and the Founder of Divorce Shift an organization that works with women to get over their ex relationship to move on in a safe and nurturing environment. She has helped a growing number of women around the globe who in just 10 sessions or less have left their anger, resentment and guilt behind and started a new chapter of their life.

She has written numerous books on this topic from her experiences as a divorcee and observations of family members who are divorced. Marina is unique and able to empathize with her clients on a truly deep level. 

Marina has been featured in national UK newspapers such as The Guardian and Daily Mail as well as magazines such as Prima, Glamour Magazine and Take a Break and TV shows on divorce on SKY TV.

Marina lives in Ware in Hertfordshire with her fiance and soon to be husband.