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Editor’s Note: Here’s chance for you to live out your rock n’ roll dreams! Head to London for this YA music adventure.

Between dialect, characters, and an exciting plot, this book painted a vivid picture in my mind.

Book Description: BROKEN BIRDIE CHIRPIN is a fast-paced rock n’ roll coming of age rollercoaster ride. A poorly adjusted, but gifted, teen journies through the London Music scene searching for his dreams.

Readers who like Almost Famous, Eddie & The Cruisers, and Rules of Civility will like BROKEN BIRDIE CHIRPIN.

Author’s Inspiration: “My love of rock n’ roll and my desire to mesh that love with a coming of age tale about some up-and-comers in the London music scene.”

The main character would be played by: Some unknown actor waiting to be discovered.

From The Book: There exists an oasis where inspiration bursts forth like black gold from the fertile loam and every odd bellbird chirps a melody worth remembering. There’s no bloody map or nautical chart that can deliver you there, but you know the instant you’ve arrived becuase you never want to depart. 

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Adam G Tarsitano


Broken Birdie Chirpin is my first novel. It started as a simple concept but blossomed into something that I am very proud of. The novel’s characters and their tale will be with me always. I hope someday that I might find such meaningful inspiration once again. I currently live in North Carolina with my wife and two children.

Favorite Food:  My favorite food is pizza.

Favorite Place to Write: I am happy to write anywhere as long as I am inspired to do so.

Favorite Music to Listen to: I love rock n’ roll music. The Kinks are a particular favorite.

Favorite TV Show: Lost is probably my favorite TV show, but I am more of a movie buff.



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