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Editor’s Note: Afraid to get up and talk in front of crowds? Well here’s the book for you to help overcome those fears. Give that speech you always wanted to!  

This book gives you tips on how to make that presentation without trepidation.

Book Description: Do you get that sick to your stomach feeling when your asked to give a talk in front of a crowd? Well PUBLIC SPEAKING WITHOUT FEAR has the tools and techniques that you need to be able to express yourself without the trepidation. With this guide, you can lose the anxiety and gain confidence. 

Public speaking is hard work no matter what others may say.  But you CAN learn how to capture attention, communicate effectively and avoid embarrassment the next time you step in front of an audience.

From the Book: Winston Churchill once observed that “a good speech should be like a woman’s skirt: long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.”  That’s an excellent rule to keep in mind during the planning phase of building your speech or presentation.

Have you ever been in an audience and heard others complaining that a speech was too brief? 

I thought not.

Speakers often misunderstand what it is that their listeners actually want to hear.  Unless you, the speaker, are a famous and beloved figure, it’s unlikely that anyone will complain if you get straight to the point and then get the heck off the stage.

This rule applies to corporate speeches, political speeches or even just a toast at your brother’s wedding.  Say what you need to say and then sit back down.


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Frank Fields


Frank Fields was born in Toms River, NJ and grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska. He currently lives on the coast of North Carolina with his wife.  Frank writes, travels and speaks to audiences around the country.