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Editor’s Note: Get rid of that negative emotional baggage with this new and helpful guide to releasing those bad feelings. 

This book was easy to follow and helped me lose the negativity.

Negative feelings prevent us from being happy and have us react badly. They bring down the quality of our lives and even cause us to treat loved ones poorly—which is why a number of the “Things You Wish You Knew” are about releasing anger, sadness, guilt and the like.

An essential part of this book is about letting go that life-limiting baggage and moving on. RELEASE NEGATIVE EMOTION is a fun read too!

The author was inspired to write this book (as part of a series) by the foolish mistakes in his life. As he looks back on his life, he wishses that there was some wisdom and guidance that he could have that would have prevented some of the regrets in his life. This book is a culmination of his insights and advice.

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