Contender vs Pretender: Free For Kindle

Editor’s Note: Contender vs Pretender is a no-nonsense guide to avoid getting victimized by online predators.

 Book Description:  CONTENDER VS PRETENDER features dating advice for women who are looking for love online. The book lays out the characteristics of the Contender and shows you how to spot, attract, and keep him. It also lists tell-tale signs of Pretenders: their dating practices and how to know when to walk away.

This book can help countless women out there. They need to be armed with the knowledge and insights this book will give them while going online to find love. There are many sharks and piranhas out there lurking to feed on victims. This book will prevent many women from being prey to the hungry scavengers. Men may take offense to my writing, because I don’t hold back in my assessments of the bad guys.

Author’s Inspiration: Seeing many women get hurt by online predators and giving up on love. I know too much about online dating that I’m bursting at the seams to share my knowledge.

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Nina Andres

I’m a hopeless romantic and purveyor of love stories. My failed attempt at finding love online and hearing too many horror stories of women getting hurt: physically, emotionally, and financially is what drives me to share my knowledge and experience of what’s out there.

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