Find Virgil (A Novel of Revenge): Free for Kindle

Editor’s Note: The cigarette industry thinks it’s invincible, but in FIND VIRGIL a dying madman disagrees.

This is an extremely well written, spellbinding thriller that grabs you and won’t let go.

Book Description: Martin Muntor is a health-conscious Philadelphia journalist recently diagnosed with lung cancer as a result of exposure to second-hand smoke. He’s enraged by his terminal illness and sets out to destroy the tobacco industry, and he knows exactly how he’s going to do it. But a cigarette company investigator isn’t amused, and he thinks he knows exactly how to stop the madman. But both Muntor and the investigator are smart, resourceful and motivated. It leads to a showdown you won’t soon forget.

Readers who love Dean Koontz, Gillian Flynn, and James Patterson will enjoy Find Virgil. 

Author’s Inspiration:  In the mid-1990s, I watched wealthy, arrogant tobacco company executives lie under oath to a congressional investigating committee about how they had absolutely no idea that cigarettes cause lung cancer. I wondered what an unbalanced person, diagnosed with a terminal smoking-related disease, might do to get revenge.

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Frank Freudberg is a novelist, journalist and ghostwriter. He enjoys writing about underdogs and their battles with forces seemingly bigger than them — and he particularly likes watching them prevail. David vs. Goliath is a common theme in his fiction. Freudberg lives near Philadelphia and he’s contributed to Reuters, Associated Press, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, Der Spiegel, Christian Science Monitor and others. His work has been mentioned in many notable publications including Time, Newsweek, and The Guardian.

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