Greegs & Ladders: Free eBook

Editor’s Note: While reading GREEGS & LADDERS it is easy to imagine that an alien has dropped this off for us to read.

Book Description: Greegs & Ladders is both a science fiction adventure story, and a socially conscious satire. The book follows a trio of space and time travellers through countless solar systems, planets, interstellar mazes and all out wars. Entire civilizations rise and fall through the course of the story, but in the end it’s just a fun adventure for an oddball group of core characters. Oh, and it also glosses over the meaning of life and how life came to be on Earth and somewhere along the way a lesson should probably be learned by any humans who read it.

Get the eBook for FREE on 12/7-12/8. 

Free, full-length, Science Fiction Satire Novel. Available on Amazon and also all other e-formats for free here —>

Zach Mitchell and Danny Mendlow

This book actually has two authors. Zack MITCHELL and Danny MENDLOW, hence the pseudonym “Mitchell Mendlow.” The book was more or less equally written by each, and we will never disclose who wrote what. We’ve decided that’s our thing. We know between ourselves who wrote what, but it’s fun to know that others don’t. The book was entirely written over email and the plot was developed over countless hours of Facebook chats, which we have saved and recorded and will release some day if anyone ever cares enough. We are hard at work on the sequel and also writing short stories and other novels. You can stay up to date on our latest writings via our website or We hope you enjoy our work… it is obvious now that people either really like the book, or really, really, really hate it. We’re fine with that.

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