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Editor’s Note: The Choosing is an action packed Fantasy thrill ride.

Laszlo paints stunning scenes filled with life and realism to rival the greats.

Book Description: Facing a life of servitude and the sacrifice of family and those he loves, Seth struggles to find the truth in order to save not only himself, but possibly the world of Thurr as well.

Author’s Inspiration: I wanted to write a fantasy novel unlike anything I had ever read. I wanted to see turmoil at every turn and see and feel how the characters managed to navigate through the problems they faced. With even the gods set against the main characters in the book I wanted to understand how they would cope, and what forces would continue to drive them when all hope seemed lost. Beyond that, I wanted to read a fantasy story that wasn’t filled with plot holes and obvious twists. So I wrote the story that I wanted to read and so far tens of thousands of readers have followed the series as well.

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Jeremy Laszlo

I’m the guy next door, but busier. If its a blue collar job I have probably done it, including from carpentry, welding, and even operating heavy equipment. I’ve been around the world while in the military and seen the best and worst of humanity and learned lessons that few do. Raising four, soon to be five children, I’ve learned what is really important in life, and taught “my monkeys” that following their dreams is not something they should wait to do. Writing full time is my dream, and some day I plan to make it my full time career.

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