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Editor’s Note: IRON BLOOM is  an action-packed fantasy adventure with an epic female warrior.

The story is strong the writing was well done. 

Book Description: An action-packed fantasy adventure about a mighty warrior torn between the power of the sword and her longing for a peaceful life. First in the Legend of the Iron Flower series starring a powerhouse female epic warrior in the spirit of Achilles or Beowulf.

Fans of David Gemmell, Robert E. Howard, and Robin McKinley will enjoy Iron Bloom. 

Author’s Inspiration: This book and series draws a lot of its inspiration from old school epic poetry such as the Iliad and Beowulf, and more works with heroes in the same mold such as Conan and Druss. I thought that type of physical powerhouse hero could use a little more female representation, so here is Rose or as I affectionately call her THE ROSY ONE!

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Billy Wong has always been a huge fan of super strong and tough female warriors who don’t need to rely on magic to go toe to toe with the most powerful male warriors and giant monsters. So since he never thought there were enough heroines like that in fantasy fiction, he decided to write his own!

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