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Editor’s Note: FRAGMENTS OF A MELODY shows the conflict a student faces as she chooses between two men. 

Book Description: College student Olivia St. Claire didn’t mean to fall in love with pianist Mark Daniels. Her innocent conversation with him was only to exact revenge on evil prize piano student Elaine. Who knew one conversation would lead to an intimate dinner at Mark’s apartment? Innocent enough. But the laws of attraction don’t stop with one dinner. Olivia’s plan for revenge turns into a messier problem. Namely, she might be engaged.

Readers who like the authors Anne Rivers Siddons and Pat Conroy will love Fragments of a Melody. 

Author’s Inspiration: In life we reach crossroads and have to make choices. Some we accept. Some we wonder, what if? I have always looked back on my life and wondered, what if I had made a different choice? Making choices is a dominant theme in my writing. Fragments of a Melody is the story of a college student who makes a choice.

Laura Haley-McNeil

Laura Haley-McNeil has studied piano, violin, organ and ballet. She has served on the boards of two community orchestras. She currently lives in Colorado with her husband.

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