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Editor’s Note: ANNIHILATE ME has a sexy, suspense-filled plot with great romance–and big laughs.

Book Description: The best-selling Annihilate Me series follows Jennifer Kent, a recent MBA graduate who has been searching for work in Manhattan for four long months–but time and money are running out. When an unorthodox arrangement is proposed, Jennifer agrees to be the “girlfriend” of Alexander Wenn, the reluctant, billionaire CEO of Wenn Enterprises, who is so devastatingly good looking, he needs a beautiful woman like Jennifer to keep other women away from him so he can focus on business. But can Jennifer deny their white-hot chemistry? She might have her MBA and she might know about business, but what she doesn’t know is what could destroy her–the business of protecting her own heart, and maybe her own life.

Author’s Inspiration: I wanted to write a series about a strong woman–not a weak woman, which is cliche at this point–in a plot that allows her strengths to come through in ways that attract a not-your-typical billionaire CEO. Humor also was important to me–too many of these books lack it–as was a very suspenseful plot. And, obviously, I wanted steamy romance, but nothing clinical. I want you to FEEL Jennifer and Alex’s love.

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Christina Ross 


Christina Ross began writing on nights and weekends while working as an intern for an international, iconic fashion magazine. After eight years, she left that position as an editor. Many of Christina’s narratives reflect her background as an insider in the world of fashion. Now Christina divides her time between her apartment on Park Avenue in Manhattan and her pied-a-terre on the Ile St. Louis in Paris. A lifelong animal-lover, Christina’s favorite charity is the ASPCA, to which she encourages all her readers to contribute.

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