Katrina, The Beginning: Free eBook

Editor’s Note: KATRINA- THE BEGINNING is a Young adult epic fantasy with strong female characters.

Book Description: The series chronicles the life of Katrina from the Beginning of her journey as leader of the Five and the Protectors of all the hidden races of the world, including hers – vampires. It’s a new take on vampires who are peaceful and hidden in plain sight among us in the Royal houses of Europe. Katrina, her sister Katherine and three other friends fulfill the prophecy of the coming together of the Five, chosen Protectors who will protect the vulnerable magical races.

Katrina, and her friends are trained to fight and find they each possess unique gifts. They face love and loss along their epic journey in a beautifully drawn fantasy and royal world. 

Get  the eBook for FREE on 2/15-3/31. 

Elizabeth Loraine

I’m a fantasy junkie, a reader, a gardener, a wanna be chef. Married to my best friend. I love world building and forming characters you can fall in love with, sympathize with, and even hate, dread and fear. It’s why I write. I want you to feel what these characters feel, laugh, cry and cheer them along the way.

Author Website: http://elizabethloraine.com


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