The Platte River Waltz: Free Chapters for Kindle

Editor’s Note:  Challenges and romance face a young couple emigrating to Oregon in THE PLATE RIVER WALTZ. Get the first four chapters of the adventure for FREE on 2/17. 

Book Description:  Cholera strikes a train of emigrants on their way to Oregon in 1848. Josh Bonner and Elizabeth Hampton are orphaned but elect to continue on in the company of a group from Missouri. On the trail they quickly adapt to life on the road and are soon drawn to each other. Together they become a force to be reckoned with.

After reading this enticing sample, check back in March to find the full volumes on sale!  

Who would play your main character in the movie version of your book? Shia Le Beouf 

Author’s Inspiration: After reading Irving Stone’s Men to Match my Mountains I sought out fiction on the early frontier. Most of what I found was geared to the young adult audience. There was little to be found of the West or of the California Gold Rush. The Platte River Waltz, in two volumes, is the result. 

Get the Kindle book for FREE on 2/17-2/19.  


Most jobs are mind-numbing drudgery. I can attest to this as I’ve had plenty of them. I’ve been a mailman, sold waterbeds, been a carpenter, a contractor and a consultant. Maybe I’ve done so many things because I’ve always considered my main job to be a daydreamer. If I wasn’t reading on the job I was creating my own scenes with yours truly as the star. Finally, during a hiatus between ‘careers’, I decided to write my own story. After reading Irving Stone’s Men to Match my Mountains, I looked for fiction on the topics in the book and found almost nothing on the bookshelves. I decided to create my own. This became the two volume The Platte River Waltz.

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