Once Upon The Rhine: Free Kindle Love Story

Editor’s Note: Fifty Shades of Grey meets Cinderella and high- fashion in ONCE UPON THE RHINE. 

This book will make you think- but most importantly it will make you love.

Book Description: Plucked from obscurity and fresh from the farm, gorgeous Chicago model Alexis Cole gets chosen as the face for the biggest wine empire in the world. Whisked off to a castle on the Rhine in Germany, she falls madly in love with the smoking hot gardener Wilhelm- whose a bit of a bad boy. Their torrid love affair rocks her world- until she discovers everything about Wilhelm was not as it seemed,  as she discovers the truth about who he really is, making her innocence come crashing down. Only after accepting the reality of her lovers fate, does something spectacular happen, catapulting her back into the arms of the only man she could ever truly love.

Author’s Inspiration: This particular love story was based on an actual royal whose monolithic castle I worked in and had open access to. 

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A former international fashion model, I was always thrown into these extreme circumstances and granted access to worlds most never get to see. I wanted to write a first person account so people could find out the truth and see the reality of worlds that are truly larger than life- but are not always as great as they seem. Writing has always been my passion. I specifically kept the text a light and fun read, but brimming with facts- so you get submerged into a spectacular world and are, I hope and pray, never bored.

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