Manic Monday: Free Mystery Thriller on Kindle

Editor’s Note: Move over Jason Bourne! Jake Monday is in town.

Book Description: Jake Monday hates being an assassin. He cannot for the life of him figure out why. Assassins get all the great perks: women, cars, money, and travel. So, why is he dissatisfied? More importantly, why is he compelled to protect the woman he has been assigned to kill? Jake discovers the truth is more complicated than he ever imagined. And more deadly.

Author’s Inspiration: I originally wrote the character of Jake Monday in a short story. I wondered what it would be like if an assassin turned out to be more than he could remember. He had a past that was very different from his present situation. I was influenced by Robert Ludlum, Ian Fleming, John LeCarre, and Ken Follet. I wrote Manic Monday as a prequel to that original short story, incorporated the short into Book 2 (A Month of Mondays), and am releasing Book 4 (Rainy Days and Mondays) this week. The Monday Chronicles will be 7 total books (one for each day of the week).

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Robert Michael is a family man. He enjoys watching sports, reading books, playing video games, and spending time with his family. Robert has three adult children and a teen still at home with him in Broken Arrow. He and his wife, Tracey have been married for over two decades. 

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