Pirate Dave and his Randy Adventures: Free eBook

Editor’s Note: You better be ready to laugh from page one of PIRATE DAVE AND HIS RANDY ADVENTURES. 

Book Description: This is a novel written by Rena, an accountant with no discernible writing ability, and her band of sweet, porno writing grannies, in order to ruin a scammy NYT best selling author’s career. They came up with the worst and possibly most awkward piece of literature, (and I use that word loosely), ever written. Amazingly (but not so amazing after 50 Shades) enough, it became a cult classic. Who knew there was an underground need to know and love a Time-Traveling Vampire Warlock with erectile dysfunction and his conjoined lady loves, Laverne and Shirley?

Apparently the need is there and now so is the full version of their story . . .

Get the Kindle, Nook, and Apple books for FREE on 3/12-3/31. 

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