First Wave: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: survival, evasion, and fighting tactics meet in a post-apocalyptic setting in FIRST WAVE.

Book description: Set in Arizona, this action-packed story follows former special-forces veteran Travis Combs as he and his river party finish a 22-day trip in the Grand Canyon, only to emerge into a world ravaged by a pandemic. Now they must travel cross-country while living off the land, evading bloodthirsty mutants, and a rogue government agency bent on uncovering their whereabouts.

Author’s inspiration: I’ve always enjoyed character-driven books and TV shows that have strong male and female leads, and which take place in rugged landscapes. I’ve incorporated my backcountry experiences, teaching in the Southwest into my writings, and the settings in this book are all actual wilderness regions with their own set of survival rules and seasonal demands.

Get FIRST WAVE for free on Kindle 3/14 – 3/15.


JT Sawyer

JT Sawyer is my pen name. I make my living as a survival instructor teaching courses for the military special operations community and federal agencies throughout the U.S. In this story, the first in a series of new post-apocalyptic books, I’ve combined the elements of bushcraft, mantracking, and leadership into a pandemic-ravaged setting in the desert Southwest. Much of this material was gleaned from the past twenty-five years of teaching fieldcourses in the wilderness, along with lingo and information picked up from military personnel. I am also the author of seven non-fiction titles on survival under my own name.

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