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Editor’s Note: BEACON follows a young couple in a dying universe confront an impossible future.

“This was an awesomely written, powerful, moving story.”

Book Description: Mally and Tersias live in a vast refugee space fleet orbiting Beacon, the last star left in the universe. When this young couple does the impossible–conceiving a child–they spark joy and celebration. But their act will sets in motion a chain of events they are unprepared for. Soon, mankind’s greatest enemy returns, and the end becomes the beginning.

Author’s Inspiration: This serial originally began life as a short story: the first installment, offered here at no charge. I always felt like the Beacon universe was too compelling to leave as it was, and I found myself as an author really drawn to wondering how’d the characters and their life would develop since everything they’d taken for granted was turned on its head. Mally, Tersias, and the host of characters one here and in later installments deserved better than a single short story, and I’m really glad I made the leap into a full serial.

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I’ve been writing fiction for over a decade, and I’ve had it published all over the place. I want people to read the Beacon Saga because I think it will resonate with them. There’s a character here for everyone, and the serial serves a lot of red meat in particular for fans of space opera settings, dystopias, and world-building in general. I write very character-centered fiction, and this is certainly an example of that, but this series of installments also dips heavily into questions of fate, belief, and the high cost of attempting to grapple with our place in the universe. In other words, it’s deep, man. Take the plunge and see for yourself.

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