Bloom: Free eBook

Editor’s Note: BLOOM is a fantasy tale of superpowers… with a twist. 

Book Description: Haven Kincaid is a senior in high school in a new city. When the boy of her dreams starts hanging out with her she thinks that maybe she can fit in. Unfortunately, that was never in the cards for Haven. After a painful betrayal she finds herself kidnapped by a group who will stop at nothing to extract her new abilities, even if it means killing her.

Colton Ross has had a hard life and it’s only getting harder. When he ends up in jail, a mysterious man bails him out and educates him about his new powers.  What he learns sets him out on a path for vengeance. 

Can these two gifted young adults restore the balance between good and evil? 

Get the eBook for FREE from 4/9-4/11.

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