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Editor’s Note: WHAT IS LOVE is a heartwarming tale of revenge and the meaning of love.

Book Description: A wealthy society woman discovers her husband of forty years plans to leave her for his young mistress. Determined to keep both her husband and their wealthy status among New York society, she’s willing to try anything to stop the little gold-digger. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned and her final crazy attempt causes such a disaster that she and the young women become more than just enemies. Unable to undo the damage, both women must decide what is most important and ultimately–What is Love?

Author’s InspirationI wanted to explore whether we love the person before us or the person beneath the beautiful face or rugged good looks. Is love unconditional or based on hidden expectations? How do we know if this person is truly the one? Why does money influence so many love stories and does it make us love more? This story draws from many women who lost love and in their search for answers found unexpected happiness and understanding. 

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I am a storyteller at heart and love the mystery of love. After years in the crazy industry of fashion design and merchandising, I found the courage to walk away in pursuit of my true passion of writing. I have many more stories to explore and share, and look forward to feedback from fellow passionate romantic souls who will read my work. I am also an artist and addicted to anything vintage. Anyone who knows me isn’t surprised by my antique hats and handbags and shoes and crinolines and corsets. Yes, I do see historical bodice rippers in my future, but for now I have too many contemporary stories to tell!


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