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Editor’s Note: BREATHLESS is like Rosemary’s Baby meets The Da Vinci Code. With more kissing 😉

Book Description: Forbidden love, fate, and free will. It’s about facing the secrets around you and forging your own destiny. It’s about love. It’s about self-reliance. It’s about the nature of good and evil. It’s about teen romance. It’s about sex–but there’s no sex on screen, people just talk about it. It’s about growing up. It’s about the way the people who you trust lie to you because they think they’re doing the right thing, even if their idea of the “right thing” is seriously screwy. It’s about a girl who meets a mysterious guy and, through falling for him, realizes that everything she knows is not what she thought it was.

Author’s Inspiration: Um… Twilight, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and Point Pleasant. Kind of mix all those up and you’ll have the Jason and Azazel books.

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 V. J. Chambers

 V. J. Chambers writes about being inexplicably attracted to the dangerously alluring. Her works span mundane settings and fantastic ones. She writes about serial killers, cult leaders, werewolves, witches, for-hire assassins, zombies, space pirates, and regular everyday people.

She lives in Shepherdstown, WV, with her boyfriend Aaron and their cat Isis.

Author Website:

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