Noble Satyr: #1 Historical Fiction on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and Apple

Editor’s Note: NOBLE SATYR is a character driven romantic adventure set in the Eighteenth Century.

Book Description: This is a character driven romantic adventure set in France and England in the age of hedonism and enlightenment. A green-eyed beauty abandoned at the court of Versailles is snatched to safety by an all-powerful Duke. But is he her noble savior or a satyr most despicable?

Author’s Inspiration: I ran out of Georgette Heyer books to read, and wrote this as a homage.


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Lucinda Brant is a NY Times and USA Today bestselling author of Georgian historical romances and mysteries. She lives in the 18th Century most days (heaven!), drinks Nespresso coffee like water, and thinks Dr. Evil is incredibly funny. Lucinda is addicted to Pinterest where you can dive into the 18th Century with her and experience everything from 18th Century fashion to food, power paunches, big wigs and Georgian Gits! In a previous life, Lucinda lost her head to the French Revolution for being a layabout aristo. “Quizzing glass & quill, into my sedan chair & away! The 1700s rock!”

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