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Editor’s Note: THE TUBE RIDERS is a unique dystopian thrill ride through a chaotic future Britain.

Book Description: In London 2075, the city is enclosed by towering walls and ruled over by a cruel and mysterious dictator. With no families and no future, a group of young people led by Marta Banks hide in abandoned underground stations, playing a dangerous game with trains. Then one day, after a run in with a rival gang, they witness a government assassination, that if found out could bring war with Europe. Suddenly they are running for their lives with government killing machines on their tail.

Author’s Inspiration:  I don’t like following trends so I wanted to write something unique. Hence the dystopia with trains.

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I first won a prize for writing in school at 10 years old (I still have a dog-eared copy of the Black Beauty movie tie-in book that I won in the attic somewhere) and have been writing ever since. I started getting published in magazines in the mid 2000s, with a high point of getting in Weird Tales (original publisher of the Conan the Barbarian stories in the 1920s) issue 352 in 2008. In 2012 I published my first novel, The Tube Riders, and since then have published four others, including the two sequels and two other stand alones, Head of Words and The Man Who Built the World, as well as dozens of short stories. I refuse to stop genre-hopping because writing to me is art as well as an income, but the Tube Riders series is currently in the process of being expanded, with a prequel series and a mid-series serial both in production.

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