Love In Touch: Free Contemporary Romance on Kindle

Editor’s Note: LOVE IN TOUCH is a story that shows love is possible for everyone

Book Description: Have you ever wondered what the world is like for someone who can neither see nor hear? Lucy May Lennox ushers you into the life of a young man who was born both blind and deaf. In this novel, the reader can learn about this fascinating world while also experiencing a beautiful story of love that transcends all boundaries. This is a unique story that will prove that love is possible for anyone.

Author’s Inspiration:  I was so tired of novels where disability is portrayed superficially. Like the hero has a slight limp or a scar that actually makes him more handsome, but he and all the other characters act like it’s the worst affliction a human could ever suffer. I wanted to depict a serious disability that really affects every aspect of the character’s life but still show him in a successful relationship.

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Lucy May Lennox is a lifelong resident of the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Her first ambition in life was to become a child actor, but when she grew too old to be an adorable prodigy, she turned to writing instead. A connoisseur of novels featuring men with physical disabilities, she grew frustrated with all the cliches, ignorance and stereotypes and decided to write her own positive take on disability. In addition to writing, Lucy also enjoys cooking and gardening, and is an amateur opera singer.

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