Wolfman Fantasies: Free eBook

Editor’s Note: WOLFMAN FANTASIES  is a romantic tale of two dream men fighting for one girl.

Book Description: Wolfman Fantasies explores the journey of a young overweight woman, Violet Andrews, as she battles the emptiness that faces her in the everyday world. While working in a dead end job, and being pushed to the side by her more beautiful roommate Laura, she often dreams about a Prince who will take her away from this place. Violet’s luck is about to change forever, as to her utter disbelief, the man of her dreams has now entered her waking world. But is he who he really says he is?

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Sookie Sabre

I am a new author whom has always had a passion for writing and reading, but never really the confidence to share my work with others. I believe three key elements make a good story – characters, plot and purpose. My aim is to write stories that connect with people in such a way that will explain things about their own lives.

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