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Editor’s Note: OWNED is a short story collection centered around the theme of murder. This deviant collection is perfect for fans of psychological crime fiction.

Each tale was exciting as the last.

Book Description: Twin siblings combine forces in a cooperative scheme; an animal lover unleashes his vengeance; and a psychiatrist faces the consequences of violating a client’s trust. Get up close and personal with characters hellbent on settling scores, righting wrongs and exacting revenge–once their desire to kill is ignited.

Fans of Roald Dahl, Stephen King, Patricia Highsmith will love this book. 

Author’s Inspiration: The last story in this collection was inspired by the cover image. I found the image very stimulating and vibrant–and it transported me to “the scene of the crime” in my mind straight away… I have always had a keen interest in taboo topics such as sex and murder. Crime fiction is a great genre to explore taboo topics!

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 Jess C Scott writes psychological thrillers and is a sociopolitical blogger. She writes because she’s driven to create meaningful entertainment. Her novels have received awards from Night Owl Reviews (Reviewer Top Pick; 2011) and Readers’ Favorite (2014). Jess was a participating author in the Singapore Writers Festival (2012) and a featured author on Indie Books Bargain UK (2014). Her interests include sexuality, criminology, psychology, business, and astrology.


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