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Editor’s Note: THE MIND READERS is an exciting young adult book that will appeal to all readers.

Book Description: Cameron Winters has always been able to read minds, but she’s been forced to hide her powers for fear of being used for her special gift. It is only when the mysterious Lewis arrives and tells her that she needn’t deny her powers, that she can actually thrive and embrace her abilities, that she begins to see her powers as a benefit instead of a curse. With Lewis by her side, Cameron heads to an island off the coast of Maine in order to learn to control her special abilities. But as Cameron soon finds out Lewis isn’t who he seems, and the very people she thought were friends just may be her enemies.

Author’s Inspiration:  It was one of those moments in which I thought, “I wish I knew what that person was thinking,” that the idea for the Mind Readers came about. That question morphed into another, “Would I really want to know?” Mind Reading might be fun, but at what cost?


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I have always had a huge imagination and a love for adventure. I even went to college for Anthropology to be the female version of Indiana Jones. I ended up working in a museum for a few years, and although I loved my job and the knowledge I gained, it just wasn’t enough to satisfy my imagination. So when I was in my twenties I set out to write the sort of book I’d always loved to read. I wasn’t one of those people who had always kept a journal, or written stories since I five, but I loved to read and was determined to be an author. It might have taken over a decade, but I now have the career I’ve always dreamed of.

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