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Editor’s Note: Finding true love can happen when you least expect it in ELEVEN DAYS: AN UNEXPECTED LOVE.

Book Description: Lana Andrews is trying to get over the death of her cousin. She decides that getting away would be the best remedy, so she rents a beach house in Cape Cod. Little did she know that she would fall in love with the beach house owner, U.S. Marshal Mike Ramsey. As their loves grows, so do their problems. Someone is after Lana and Mike has to find him before it’s too late. Once his team finds out the name, Mike’s not so sure he can be stopped.

Author’s Inspiration: Every time I vacationed in Nantasket, I would dream about having a love affair with a stranger I just met on the beach. Then my daydreams got the best of me. I thought how nice it would be to be chased by a stalker and a tall, dark, and handsome man saves my life. I liked that idea, so I ran to the library and didn’t find any romance books about Cape Cod and stalkers. Disappointment filled my heart., but then I got busy and wrote a book of my own. One book turned to two… then three. Thus, a trilogy.

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I love to cook, so I write about food in my novels (I make a great lasagna). I bite my nails, so at least one lead character bites their nails (silly… huh?) I drive a dodge truck, so at least one character in my books drives a truck (mine’s red… ohh la la).

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