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Editor’s Note: DISCOVERY is a original science fiction story in an urban fantasy scenario. 

I felt very connected to the people and to the story.

Book Description: A young couple gains special mental abilities through an odd storm. As they try to understand these amazing new powers, they invite some friends to help with the research. Things go bad fast, as one of the ‘friends’ allows his lust to gain the abilities for himself overcome his good sense.

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You’d never guess that Dave was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, eh. He’s traveled a fair bit, but then a North Carolina gal caught his eye. Really he just wanted to get away from snow, but then a rescue Plott Hound wound him around her paw and that was it. He gardens, is handy around the house and yard, and cooks better than he cleans. An avid reader his whole life, he thought someday he’d try it himself. After his wife told him to stop talking about it and do it, he finally gave it a go. We hope you enjoy his efforts!

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