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Editor’s Note: CRIME IN THE CLUB is a fascinating, erotic journey into Jane and Franklin’s hot detective life. 

**This book contains mature content, intended for readers 18+**

Book Description: Jane is a solo detective who would like to keep it that way, rather than working with someone else on a case. When her boss assigns her a new partner, Franklin, to help solve a serial murder mystery, Jane immediately begins thinking of a way to get rid of him and wipe the smug smirk off of his mouth. But as they dive deeper into the case, Jane comes to realize Franklin is more than just a pretty face- and he may just be the key to unraveling the whole mystery. 

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I am from Florida, USA and I love writing. I chose erotica because it’s one of the deepest forms of literature, which reveals so much about my true self. Therefore, I invite you to discover a world where you may lose yourself in the deepest desires, letting your imagination take over. Your deepest sexual desires are now written on blank pages, black on white, becoming colorful in your vivid imagination. 

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