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Editor’s Note: MINOR GODS is a gritty, passionate urban fantasy romance.

Book Description: Seventeen-year-old Josie Day loses her mother and her destiny to a ruthless Earth Goddess set on destroying civilization. Josie struggles to embrace her new life, find justice for her mother, and save her sister from suffering the same fate. She seeks to unmask not only the Earth Goddess, but the shadowy Fire God, her reluctant savior.

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I know what I love to read, and since the second grade that is what I have been writing. For many years (the exact number I’m reticent to disclose), I have continued writing because I couldn’t seem to stop. If no one else ever reads a single word, I will still be writing. Thanks to the encouragement of a small group of fellow readers and authors, I finally decided to share my obsession with the wider public. If it so happens that I can help another person escape the doldrums and discord of this thing we call life, then I’ve done more than that seven-year-old girl within me ever imagined possible.

Author Website: www.amyates.com

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