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Editor’s Note: AWAKING is about psychic powers that could be the best–or worst–thing to happen to a person.

Book Description: Morgan Abbey has always been different, an outsider, but it’s not until a mysterious stranger enters her life that she knows just how different she really is. She is a psychic–a strong psychic at the heart of a centuries-old prophecy concerning a shadowy, powerful group called the Veneret. This group needs Morgan on their side and they have the one thing she wants more than anything else: information about the whereabouts of her mother, who has been missing for ten years. Everything comes at a price–but is it one Morgan will be willing to pay?

Author’s Inspiration:  Inspiration for this book stems from my love of the young adult genre, my desire to write books my high school students will actually read, and my fascination with the supernatural.

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Madeline Freeman has always had the uncanny ability to find four-leaf clovers and looks for them at every opportunity. This is just one example of how she endeavors to find the extraordinary in the mundane. She loves looking up at the night sky and giddiness wells within her every time she identifies a planet or gazes at a full moon. If she could choose a psychic power to possess, it would either be to touch a keyboard and have a fully-written novel pour forth into her word processor or teleportation. Probably teleportation.

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