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Editor’s Note: Jack Reacher meets Game of Thrones in STEALER OF FLESH, a truly exciting fantasy tale! 

Immediately convincing, classically brooding.

Book Description: When a deadly body-stealing demon is freed from its magical prison with his own magical blade, brooding monster hunter Kormak Mak Kaine must follow its bloody trail to the very ends of the earth in order to destroy it. Along the way he encounters murder, betrayal, love, and intrigue as he passes through the war-torn lands of the Old Kingdoms. STEALER OF FLESH is the first book in Kormak’s six book saga and an introduction to his richly detailed fantasy world.

Author’s Inspiration: I love Sword and Sorcery and I wanted to write an epic series featuring the sort of strong charismatic hero I grew up reading about, someone like Conan or Elric. At the same time I wanted to bring a modern sensibility to the tale, to make the world dark and realistic and morally complex.

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William King decided to become a writer after he won a box of chocolates in an essay writing competition at the age of 8. It was either that or become an astronaut and NASA wasn’t recruiting any Scottish schoolkids at the time. He is the author of over 30 published novels and the creator of the best-selling Gotrek & Felix and Space Wolf series for Black Library. His short fiction has appeared in Years Best SF and Best of Interzone and his novel Blood of Aenarion was shortlisted for the 2012 David Gemmell Legend Award. He lives in the glorious old city of Prague in the Czech Republic with his lovely wife Radka and his two sons Dan and Will.

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